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What is Altius?

Altius is the first app that lets retail investors--not the super-rich Warren Buffets of the world, but everyday people--show the world who has the best skills at picking stocks that grow in value. If that's you, and you bought $1000 of Apple in 2000, you'd be #1 on the leaderboard with a monster +21,230% gain.

And with results like that, lots of people will follow you to learn how you do it. You'll gain followers and be a serious financial influencer, and get paid by us, as people pay to subscribe to your channel. Altius users can subscribe for deeper data flows and you'll make money off each follower who subscribes to see how you do it. And DID you know to buy Apple in 2000?!

  • Not a brokerage
  • For anyone: small or large investors
  • Get followers and become a financial influencer with your results


  • Create account

Connect Your Brokerage Account

Altius is not a brokerage firm. No trades happen on Altius. You connect Altius to your brokerage account--Robinhood, Schwab, Public, TD Ameritrade, Chase, etc., securely via Plaid.

Plaid connects externally, on their platform, then redirects you back to Altius. We NEVER see or keep your information. If you have connected Venmo to your bank account, you have used Plaid. It's safe, fast, and secure.


Now connected, Altius only reads your stock positions, calculates your gain or loss in real time, and displays it graphically. It does not display your total cash value or stocks that you own.

  • Connect securely via Plaid

Who rules the world?


There's a leaderboard of all users on Altius, right up to the #1 overall user. Long tap any of the swipeable user cards at top to compare their performance to yours. 

Add them to your watchlist (follow them) to track their performance.

Join and create groups of like-minded people--sports (i.e, LA Lakers fans), universities, car brand owners, the possibilities are endless.


Then, compare how, say, your UCLA group compares to the folks over at USC. Who are better investors? And why?

Check out #4...

  • Follow users and be followed
  • Join groups
  • Compete to see who is the best at the stock investment hustle
key features


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Use ChatGPT to fuel your knowledge...and gains.

Use the integrated ChatGPT in Altius to ask the how, the why, the what. 

"What are the ten highest performing stocks today and why?"

"Analyze my portfolio."

"Why are the top 5 users the best on Altius?"


Put the power of distributed AI processing power to work for you to increase your gain in the actual stock market--and conquer Altius as well!

Top Grade Security

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

Altius saves no data. It displays stock price data graphically, but does NOT save data. For one, it's wrong. And two, that's a massive amount of data to store when what matters is real-time price changes and your percentage gains. 

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